Minecraft server

The game can take its time to load chunks and run slow when loading data from the server. Be patient and don't disconnect: chunks dispatch generates a considerably load for the server.

The server turns into standby mode when no one is playing. To enable when in standby, connect once to trigger the activation and wait for 30 seconds to connect again (the server will be again active).


  • Forbidden grief (obviously): destroy other players' buildings, break blocks in a random way, make holes randomly, build 1x1 towers, and generally any caotic action.
  • Forbidden steal and peek valuable stuff from other players's chests without their permission.
  • Mandatory to be polite with other players.
  • Mandatory to repair the damages made by a creeper attack. Specially if affects other players' constructions.
  • Forbidden to use TNT out of a managed context, since destroys and makes terrain so awful.
  • Forbidden to leave the upper leaves of the trees when chopping wood (cutting only the base). It is mandatory to chop the wood inside leaves so this leaves will automatically dissappear.


  • If you find yourself stolen or grief, tell it as soon as possible to an op or in the mail account of this server.
  • The map is huge. For your constructions find a place where you don't collide with other players' (except if you aim joining, create streets or roads, ...).
  • Use signs to indicate your working place, so if you don't have time to finish, it will not seems like a grief work.
  • It is polite to sleep when other players ask for it. If you don't have a bed near, you can tell to the rest of players with no fear.
  • Place signs with indications to other players.


Go to the map.

The map is generated every night at 3:30.

Points Of Interest

It is possible to mark elements in the map using signs. In order to have a sign shown in the map, it is necesary to specify the type of element referenced in the last row of the sign. Only the type. No other texts. No spaces:

  • [casa] : marks the house of someone.
  • [lugar] : marks a place.
  • [animal] : marks a type of animal.

El mapa permite posteriormente mostrar u ocultar los carteles de un tipo.

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